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Mission Statement
Public charter schools are an important force in the mission to create high standards of educational opportunity in all primary and secondary public schools in the United States. Independent educators have shown great results in fulfilling the terms of school charters, and every independent charter project still is burdened with the problem of providing adequate facilities for the school. This website is dedicated to the work ahead to structure facilities acquisitions and secure construction loans and permanent mortgage financing for independent public charter schools throughout the country.

A personal interest in the success of the charter school movement has led me to offer financial services to public charter schools. Review of a potential school site and analysis of school operations and plans for expansion will result in project development of the best quality with terms of financing that preserve capital for student instruction. The goal is to maximize potential value in property for clients through creative financing and close management. The mission I share with the independent charter project is to create value in the use of its property, which is in the education of young people.

The fee for services to public charter schools is 1% of loan amount and 1% of property purchase price, if applicable.


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